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Soliloquy about wonderland portrays daily situations to which we all react on an intuitive and similar way. They are life matters that someone has already talked about in a lost speech, somewhere.... That remained exactly that. The unavoidableness death, problems of loneliness, heart, environmental, problems which wouldn ́t be fatal if we simply listened....

During the play the audience will enjoy truly inner moments contrasting with others of pure enjoyment, where the characters dress themselves in a nocturnal environment of entertainment and glamour. A metamorphosis that can be seen as a theraphy, alternative to deception and incapacity to overcome alone worlwide sadness. But there is always hope, a light that stays alight even under pouring rain.


Artistic Director/Choreographer Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Videographer/Scenography/Sonoplasty Rafael Carriço

Costume Designer Cláudia Martins
Technical Manager Nuno Martins

Stage Manager Paulo Formiga

Dancers Cláudia Martins, Rafael Carriço, Jaana Nurminen, Anna Kurlikova , Alexander Negru, Vanda Stefanescu, Denisa Anastasio, Vitor Viegas.

Duration approximately 1 hour, with no interval

Produced during residency at Teatro José Lúcio da Silva, Leiria.

Supported by Republica Portuguesa / Direção Geral das Artes 


Deutsche Zeitung : "Gesten und Scheinwerfer im Selbstgespräch". (27 Sept. 2013)

"Mit der Aufführung „Soliloquy - About Wonderland“ beeindruckte das portugiesische Tanzensemble „Vortice“ die Besucher des Enescu-Festivals in der vergangenen Woche.


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