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Imbued by the spirit of Christmas, this videomapping show will show a unique Santa Claus trip through Almada Municipality. A journey to discover its origins, its culture and its heritage. To the intoxicating energy of Christmas, is added the memory of great personalities that marked the cultural and social life of the city, such as Writer and sportsman Romeu Correia, among many other illustrious sports to performing arts going through political life. This trip will also be reminiscent of the city's past, its origins in the 19th century. XII, from the Almada developed from the 90s, to the present day. How many Christmases have passed ... how many generations here have celebrated their Christmas, ... and with the same tenderness and joy with which we remember them today ... Last but closely linked, the heritage. This trip will pass through some of Almada's most emblematic monuments, such as the Cristo Rei National Sanctuary, the parks and gardens and places that everyone feels like their own, in the city they call their true hometown. This videomapping projection show brings the ecumenical spirit of this festive season to a “house” common to all its inhabitants, the city of Almada.


Artistic Director Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Videography / Soundtrack Rafael Carriço

Text: Cláudia Martins

Duration 11 minutes


Almada wants to be happy at Christmas with shows and free videomapping sessions.

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