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In DEUS menino “you dance in the light of an uncertain present, the idea of ​​a new beginning and hope for the future”. The piece recreates the atmosphere of Natal, in a pandemic context, against the backdrop of the Cathedral of Santarém, the Cathedral of Castelo Branco, the Museum of Aveiro, Santa Joana, the Moçárabe Church of São Pedro de Lourosa, the Mother Church of Valongo, the Igreja Matriz in Idanha-a-Nova and also exterior landscapes of the village of Monsanto, such as Rua do Castelo and a viewpoint.


For this work, the creators were inspired by the birth of Jesus and the most intimate essence of the Christmas message: Love. A feeling that is transversal to all Christmases and that cannot be forgotten in this one, even if lived in the middle of a pandemic.


DEUS menino speaks of Love in the form of affection, Love in the form of care, Love in the form of altruism, Love in the form of gesture and Love in the form of art, in an artistic project that is sublimed by the union of several artists.


Produced by Vortice Dance Company, the show is artistically directed by choreographers Cláudia Martins and Rafael Carriço and crosses several artistic areas, highlighting videomapping, dance and music.

In addition to the dancers (Cláudia Martins, Rafael Carriço, David Silva, Bruno Paredes and Maria Barreto), the show includes the participation of musicians Custódio Castelo (Portuguese Guitars), Pedro Carneiro (Violin), Henk Van Twiller (Saxophone), Miguel Galaghar (Organ), David Passetti Correia (Organ) and also from the Santarém Music Conservatory (Chamber Choir), Tremessis (Filarmónica Idanhense), São Pedro de Lourosa Parish Choir and Monsanto Adufeiras.


Artistic Director / Choreography Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Videography / Soundtrack Rafael Carriço

Costumes Cláudia Martins

Dancers David Silva, Bruno Paredes, Maria Barreto, Cláudia Martins, Rafael Carriço

Musicians Custódio Castelo (Guitarra Portuguesas), Adufeiras de Monsanto, Pedro Carneiro (Violino), Henk Van Twiller (Saxofone), Miguel Galaghar (Orgão), David Passetti Correia (Orgão), Conservatório Música de Santarém (Coro de Câmara), Tremessis (Filarmónica Idanhense), Coro da Paróquia de São Pedro de Lourosa

Support Município de Oliveira do Hospital, Município de Santarém, Município de Aveiro, Município de Idanha-a-Nova, Município de Castelo Branco, Município de Valongo

Text: Cláudia Martins

Duration 50 minutes



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