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Artificial Intelligence is changing the way we live the present and scale the future. A hypothetical agent who possesses a superintelligence that surpasses the brightest and gifted of human minds.

ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE is a multidisciplinary performance / installation where action is driven by superior artificial thinking.


“It will be interesting to see how society deals with artificial intelligence, but it sure will be cool.” - Colin Angle


“I envision a time when we will be to robots as dogs are to humans and I am rooting for machines." - Claude Shannon


"There is a risk of something highly dangerous happening within five years. Ten years maximum. ” - Elon Musk


Artistic Director/Choreographer Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Videographer/Scenography/Sonoplasty Rafael Carriço

Costume Designer Cláudia Martins
Technical Manager Paulo Formiga

Dancers Cláudia Martins, Rafael Carriço, Bruno Paredes, Denisa Anastasiu, Maria Coias, Margarida Ferreira , Inês Costa

Duration approximately 1 hour, with no interval

Production Vortice Dance Company

World Premiere at Festival Cistermúsica, Alcobaça, Portugal

Supported by Republica Portuguesa / Direção Geral das Artes 


REGIÃO DE LEIRIA : " Vortice Dance Company surprised again with a creation that crossed choreography and multimedia." (02 Ago. 2019)


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