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“Dancing, An Apology of the Feast” is yet another challenge, ... of those from which life is made. A piece built of experiences, with people and for people, in an intense process of giving and receiving. It focuses on the joy that dance brings to the bodies and minds of today, and brought to those of other times. It is a piece that decipher the transcendence of dances, which seemingly simple, turn out to be complex rhythm, dynamics and meaning.


Dancing, An Apology of the Feast is a worthy tribute to the bodies that still revolve around the tree of life and whose minds they do not forget, ... latent by the vibrant stamping of their feet, the same distant and rhythmic rhythm of the hearts of the village. " A very special thank you to Carlos Mota, director of CCC Caldas da Rainha for the invitation and all the support given to Vortice Dance Company, in this and previous productions, to the Councilor of Culture Dr. Maria da Conceição Jardim Pereira, the technical department coordinator José Ramalho, as well as the technical and production teams of the CCC. A team work in a space of excellence, ..... Congratulations CCC Caldas da Rainha for 10 Years of Culture, ... up to it! Claudia Martins Choreographer


Artistic Director/Choreographer Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Videographer/Scenography/Sonoplasty Rafael Carriço

Costume Designer Cláudia Martins (collection of Folklore Groups)
Technical Manager José Ramalho

Stage Manager Pedro 

Dancers Folk and Ethnographic Ranch “Os Olives” of Alvorninha Parish, Folk and Ethnographic Ranch “As Ceifeiras” of Fanadia, Caldas da Rainha Parish Union Our Lady of Pópulo, Coto and São Gregório Neighborhood dos Arneiros, Union of Parishes of Santo Onofre and Serra do Bouro

Duration approximately 1 hour, with no interval

Produced during residency at CCC Caldas da Rainha, Portugal.

Supported by Republica Portuguesa / Direção Geral das Artes 



We approach this project for its symbolic value with which it is still danced in festivals and parties.


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