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The show “A Grande Viagem” intends to create a unique journey about the figures myths described in Camões' great trip “Os Lusíadas”. For this creation, the artistic responsibles are inspired by the famous epic poem by Luís de Camões, divided into ten Cantos, published in 1572 and in the entire document collection (several documents and manuscripts).

The Grande Viagem will be a recreation of the work Os Lusíadas, with special focus on the weaving of actions developed by mythological characters and their interaction with humans, such as the council of the Gods of Olympus and Ilha dos Amores.


This new creation is a revisit of the classic camões epic, made in the light of a contemporary perspective, through a multidisciplinary language, which includes choreography and videomaping. This trip is represented in treetops and natural landscapes. All these characters will come to life in a performance fully developed for an outdoor space, creating a kind of path where the audience circulates, feeling up close all the scenic and mythical space where the action takes place.


The use of new technologies also contributes to the involvement of the public in this experience, which turns out to be immersive and innovative, taking into account the theme it addresses. The Grande Viagem, in addition to being an artistic proposal, intends to leave a pedagogical footprint in the sense of meeting the younger people with the “Lusíadas” of Camões.


Direção artística / coreografia Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Interpretação Vortice Dance Company
Produção Vortice Dance Company
Vortice Dance Company é uma estrutura apoiada pela República Portuguesa / Cultura – Direção Geral das Artes


Este espetáculo de vídeo mapping mostrará uma viagem única sobre as figuras mitológicas descritas na grande viagem de Camões “Os Lusíadas

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