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Jardim do Éden combines Dance and Videomaping, inspired by the triptych Jardim das Delícias, by the Dutch painter Hieronymus Bosch. Jardim do Éden is a videomaping installation / performance, in which projections are made on trees in city parks and gardens. The choreography takes place in close interaction between the interpreters and the videography.


This one intends to be a show / installation of great impact, in which nature speaks to the audiences, creating a 3D sensation, with the images projected on the trees.


Jardim do Eden speaks of a new beginning, more human and more ecological. A rethought beginning from the way we relate, how we love and take care of this “immense garden” in which we live. On a journey made of imperfections and vicissitudes, of succumbing to carnal sins, we jump from Bosch's painting to a present paradise, which still fructifies its trees with the sweet and necessary human imperfections, but which, on the other hand, is equipped with creative force to reinvent the way of living and enjoying this 21st century Paradise.


We all want to be part of Paradise 2.0 in which Green flourishes in and out of cities, the Sea is a blue free from plastic waste and hugs multiply gradually in a continuous and irreversible ritual. In the Garden of Eden a New future is built, with the memory of a very recent past, which confined us at home and made us sure that on the right of our painting we don't want to have a blazing inferno of “mea culpas”, but an open gate to happiness.


Artistic Director Cláudia Martins & Rafael Carriço
Videography / Soundtrack Rafael Carriço

Text Cláudia Martins

Duration 60 minutes


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